National War Memorial of India
Year: 2016
Location: Delhi, India
Team: Swarnabh Ghosh, Khyati Saraf
Status: Competition

Designed as the imperial capital par excellence, Edwin Lutyens’ New Delhi has a deeply complicated relationship with the city it takes its name from. The result of as a colonialist enterprise in town planning, it is now the seat of government in a mutinous democracy. We seek to work with this contradictory legacy through an intervention that extends the  geometrical characteristics of the Lutyens’ plan while re-inscribing an entirely new set of contemporary cultural and civic values. The war memorial will not be a monument set on a pedestal and kept out of reach from the public. It will be humble in its majesty and descend into the ground. Its will tell a multitude stories and help reinvigorate conversations around the role of the armed forces in preserving the foundational tenets of the Indian nation-state.