Gujarat Coastal Atlas
Year: 2018 (ongoing) 
Location: Gujarat, India
Project Lead: Khyati Saraf 
Collaborator: Ishita Sharma 
Status: Investigative Study

At 1,600 sq km, the State of Gujarat has the longest coastline in India, much of which is contested territory. Since the late 1860s when the state was carved out of the erstwhile Bombay Estate (as demarcated under British colonialism), its capital has been concentrated primarily in its coastal districts due to maritime access and the availability of vast ‘flat’ landscapes comprising of rich tidal flats and salt marshes – or what is today typically categorized as ‘unoccupied’, ‘underutilized’ or ‘submarginal’ land.

In the public imagination, the Gujarat coast has been framed as an arid and semi arid desert or barren land put to good use in the service of economic growth through industrialization. But the coastline is a site of multiple biomes, ecologies, geomorphologies and livelihoods that confound this characterization.